Confectionery factory "Sweet World"
Confectionery factory "Sweet World" is a leader of natural sweets niche.
We were the first in Ukraine to produce craft, real chocolate, and we are the only domestic organic chocolate producer.
Our sweets and chocolates are distinguished by the absence of palm oil, they are produced without chemical flavors and artificial colors, these are gluten-free sweets. Each chocolate candy is a work of art, a handmade in which the soul of a master chocolatier lives.
The factory is known not only for its wide range of chocolates and sweets, but also for its line of original natural marmalade (20% of fruits or berries). At the same time, we continue to develop the Turkish delight line, from the production of which we began our journey.
You can familiarize yourself with the catalog of the most delicious sweets, chocolates, energy bars and other products of our brand SHOUD'E and buy natural sweets on this site.